Aerial Photography & Videography

Due North Aviation has extensive experience providing aerial photography and videography services to a wide range of clients. Helicopters provide the best possible versatility in aerial photography and videography missions. We are able to operate in a wider variety of speed regimes and altitudes than most aircraft, and our ability to fly “doors-off” provides unrestricted and undistorted views of your target unlike any other aircraft can provide.

Additionally, Due North Aviation is the area’s best option for broadcasters who want a competitive edge in the news gathering industry. We have the experience and technology required to fully meet any broadcast partner’s needs. With the understanding that the public demands to know the news as soon as a story emerges, our helicopter will be in the air within minutes of first dispatch.

We have worked for a multitude of customers, all with highly varied project needs:

Utility and Construction Customers:
  • We provide video documentation of pipeline and powerline right-of-ways with GPS breadcrumbs and audio overlay.
  • We have worked on multiple construction projects, taking photos to highlight their progress as well as providing photos for major manufacturing sites.
As Seen on TV!
  • We provided the aerial platform for The Smithsonian Channel’s “Aerial America” for their coverage of 15 states from Vermont to Georgia and including Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois. The Aerial America program involved highly technical flying, literally feet from the surface to get the perfect high definition shots that the program required. See our work here:
  • Your eyes in the sky – We provide story coverage for news stations ABC6 and FOX28 in Columbus, Ohio.