Airborne Law Enforcement

Due North Aviation takes great pride in its airborne law enforcement programs. We have built a strong reputation of safety and respect during our years of partnering with Ohio law enforcement agencies.

Our #1 goal: provide support to the officers on the ground so their attention, training, and safety can be focused on their tactical mission and the well being of their fellow officers on the ground.

We provide turnkey aerial support to law enforcement agencies, including:
  • Pilot training
  • Day and night patrol
  • Surveillance
  • Search and rescue
  • Disaster response
  • Air support unit consultation


The benefits of Due North’s Airborne Law Enforcement capabilities include:
  • 1st on Scene – Ability to cover greater distances in the timeliest manner
  • We’ve Got a Visual – Greater visual range from the sky
  • Technology is King – Infrared technology allows for additional surveillance capability and suspect tracking as well as increased officer safety.
  • Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Can cover otherwise impassible areas
  • Safety First – Officers are protected from dangers on the ground and we have a zero accident safety record.
  • We’ve Got Our Eyes On You – High visibility can deter criminal activity
  • Experience Makes a Difference – Partnered with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations, the Ohio State Highway Patrol and Columbus Police Department.