Choose a Trusted Full-Service Helicopter Company For Your Needs

Let’s face it – machines break! Due North Aviation’s track record of meticulous helicopter maintenance is known throughout the industry. Don’t allow mechanical issues to impact your productivity. Choose a service provider with a high quality maintenance record.

Scheduling Maintenance for Minimal to No Downtime
Due North Aviation is able to complete maintenance needs in a manner that has little to no impact on our customers. We utilize times of adverse weather and non-peak flying to schedule maintenance needs. For scheduled contract work, we plan ahead and complete inspections prior to beginning flight services so that there will be no interruption to service during the contracted work. This is a tremendous benefit to our commercial customers as well as our students who rely on flexibility for their training schedules.

Parts Supply
Due North Aviation keeps a supply of routine parts to further reduce the downtime experienced due to shipping.

Robinson Helicopter Service and Parts
As an authorized Robinson Sales and Service Center, Due North Aviation is equipped and ready to help you maintain your aircraft at its highest level.

Our experienced service technicians are skilled craftsmen who understand your aircraft and how to keep it at its best. Our service center is filled with state-of-the-art equipment, and our team is always training to learn the latest technology and techniques to service the aircraft in our care.
Already know what you need? Our parts department offers a comprehensive list of parts available from Robinson Helicopters. Please click below to see a complete list of parts available.

Need to make an appointment? Call us today at 740-652-1722 to schedule or speak with a service technician.