The Due North Advantage?

Safety is Our #1 Priority

Due North Aviation has successfully graduated a multitude of pilots since 2000. Our flight instructors are experienced and the shared primary concern of every Due North professional is safety. This in turn produces safety-conscious pilots. We treat every employee, student and customer like family. We want everyone to have an enjoyable and safe experience every single flight. A further indication of our commitment to safety is our accident and incident records both being zero.

Small Flight School Delivering in a Big Way

As a small flight school, Due North Aviation is able to offer personalized and complete one-on-one training throughout your entire flight program. This is an advantage over some of the larger flight schools. There’s no “one size fits all” mentality at Due North Aviation. You are not competing with other students for an instructor’s attention and we work around your schedule. Your schedule is our schedule, 7 days a week.

Ohio’s Full Service Helicopter Flight Training School and Company

In addition to our excellently maintained and equipped aircraft and modern facilities, we provide a wide range of commercial services. Our services include utility patrol (powerline and pipeline), electronic newsgathering, aerial photography and survey, charters, tours, and helicopter support for private and corporate events. How does this benefit you? As a student at our flight school, you will be exposed to the variety of services we provide to our commercial clients and benefit from our first-hand experience and knowledge.

Location, Location, Location

Conveniently located in central Ohio, our home airport offers instrument approaches as well as a controlled environment with radar and approach control facilities nearby. Students will therefore be exposed to various types of radio communication and instrument flight while still enjoying the quiet setting of our airport. Additionally, we are a 15-minute flight from the busy Columbus, Ohio airspace, which gives students exposure to communicating and complying with the air traffic controller of the Class C air space. Lastly, keep in mind that while some flight schools promote favorable weather conditions as a benefit to their location, we take full advantage of imperfect weather conditions to provide learning experiences for our students. A student pilot benefits from exposure to changing weather conditions that will pose real world challenges the pilot must learn to navigate.

Success Rate

People from every walk of life have successfully learned to fly. Learning to fly helicopters, like everything, has its challenges and most students have various plateaus along the way. We are familiar with the challenges you will face and will work to ensure that you’re able to master flying the helicopter during your training.

We’ve been training student pilots at our location since 2000 and have graduated a multitude of students with a near perfect 98% first time pass rate. Our alumni can be found flying as flight instructors, helicopter EMS pilots, long line tree trimming pilots, and in military and law enforcement positions.

We Can Help You Reach Your Goal

Whether you are looking to begin your training toward a new exciting career, desire additional ratings, or to simply fly for fun and pleasure, Due North Aviation will help you reach your goal! Our experienced and passionate flight instructors will help you reach the sky by tailoring an individualized plan to your specific abilities, needs, and time constraints. Due North Aviation has a passion for helping students become safe, able and confident pilots.