Utility Patrol

Pipeline Patrol and Powerline Patrol

Don’t let costly leaks or outages disrupt your customer’s utility services. With greater reliability, speed and experience than the competition, our expertise at Due North Aviation will help you identify trouble areas before they cause costly damage and unnecessary repairs.

Due North Aviation is proud to partner with and service utility companies including American Electric Power (AEP), Dayton Power and Light, South Central Power,.Enterprise Products Partners, Precision Pipeline, Rockford Corporation, Michels Corporation, Tepco Gas Transmission, Rockies Express Pipeline.


Infrared Technology

Due North Aviation provides infrared inspections that detect potential problems before they adversely affect distribution, transmission or sub-station performance. This service allows our utility customers to be proactive as opposed to waiting for an outage to repair.

Our equipment includes a gyro-stabilized radio-metric infrared imaging camera mounted on the underside of the nose of the helicopter. There is no adequate substitute – if you want temperature values on your reports, you must use a radio-metric imager. We take pride in providing the technology you need as a utility company that allows you to make informed decisions. Don’t wait until your line is on the ground, inspect with us!

Our skilled pilots are experienced in maneuvering sensitive areas and are accustomed to accommodating regularly scheduled inspections as well as situations that require immediate attention.